JYFLEX is a hi-tech company manufacturing roll-to-roll flexible backplanes. Launching free-form and colorful ePaper ESLs and cost competitive black-and-white ePaper ESLs, JYFLEX offers diversities and possibilities for marketing promotions, and makes the shopping experience more appealing and enjoyable. This will be the best display interface for electronic shelf label (ESL) solutions.

Black-and-white ePaper Display Modules

 JYFLEX’s 2.13″, 2.9″, 4.2″ glass active matrix display modules, featured with ultra-low power consumption and super wide viewing angle, can clearly display product information, such as text labels, images, or QR codes. These display modules are compatible with standard electronic shelf label in the market, and widely used in the supermarket, warehouse, and logistics industries.

Display Size (Inch) 2.13 2.9 4.2
Display Image
Display Color Black-and-white Black-and-white Black-and-white
Display Resolution 212(H)×104(V) 128(H)×296(V) 400(H)×300(V)
Active Area (mm) 48.55(H)×23.71(V) 29.1(H)×66.85(V) 84.8(H)×63.6(V)
Pixel Pitch (mm) 0.229×0.228 0.226×0.227 0.212×0.212
PPI(PPI 111 112 111
Dimension (mm) 59.2(H)×29.2(V) ×1.05(D) 36.7(H)×79.0 (V) ×1.05(D) 91.0(H)×77.0(V) ×1.18(D)

Colorful ePaper Display Modules


JYFLEX’s colorful active matrix display modules, featured with ultra-low power consumption, super wide viewing angel and long durability, offers a segmented display solution with two colors or a colorful active matrix display solution with up to eight colors. These display modules can provide design flexibility for shapes and sizes to meet the diversity and innovative applications by customers.

Screen Size (Inch) 4.84 7.87 9.25
Display Images
Display Shape Free-form Round Rectangular
Display Color Black Red or Black Green Black Green Up to 8 Colors
Segments or Resolutions 17SEG+1BG+1VCOM 38SEG+1BG+1VCOM 49SEG+1BG+1VCOM;200(H)x150(V)
Active Area (mm) 118(H)x65(V) 200(Diameter) 212(H)x101(V)
Viewing Angle 179° 179° 179°
Dimension (mm) 132(H)x75(V)x0.7(D) 204(H)x204(V)x1.6(D) 240(H)x145(V)x2.7(D)
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