OTFT Core Technology

Based on the silicon based thin film transistor(Si-TFT) technology development , the display inductry built up a wide and mature manufacturing supply chain now. However, the traditional technology has some limitations of the process development and the product design because of the fragile glass substrate, high temperature process and rigid silicon-based transistor. The traditional thin film transistor faces formidable obstacles to transform to the flexible display. JYFLEX has focused on OTFT technologies and paid lots of efforts on research and development of flexible electronic with the following advantages:

  1. To simplify the process with different coating technologies to mimize the size of the OTFT devices.
  2. To develop the OTFT with the low temperature process and reduce the production cost.
  3. Flexibilty for the processes and materials with the OTFT to fit the different product’s requirments.
  4. Bendable and flexible OTFT backplane extend futher product requirments and applications .

OTFT vs. a-Si TFT

Material a-Si TFT
  • Small molecule
  • Polymer
  • Organometallic complex
Process Silicon-based transistor process Print Roll to Roll
Temperature High 200-400℃ Low <200 ℃
Cost High Low

OTFT Device Structure


OTFT Features

There are many ways to implement the production of the OTFT technology, and the fastest way is following the traditional TFT-LCD production line. The flexible substrate is bonded on the glass and processes as the general TFT-LCD, and then the flexible substrate is de-bonded from the glass. This technology has become mature, but the yield and cost are not ideal for OTFT. The core team of JYFLEX has developed in OTFT technologies for many years and developed the new high efficient roll-to-roll printing process based on below advantages:

  1. To develop OTFT materials for the roll-to-roll process, with the fantastic yield.
  2. To design and develop the flexible backplane using the roll-to-roll process.
  3. To build up the OTFT production platform.
  4. To customize the flexible e-paper display module.
  5. To optimize the process flow for high efficiency, high yield rate, and cost-effective product line.

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