YFLEX is a leading flexible E-paper displays provider headquartered in Chengdu, China. We welcome positive and energetic team players who are looking to grow with us and positively impact the future of the flexible electronics industry. JYFLEX offers employees an open culture, challenging career goals, competitive compensation, and benefits.

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Employees Benefits

  • Flexible working hours: 8:30 – 17:30 normal working hours (including one hour lunch) with flexible working hour scheme implemented;
  • Attendance bonus: ensure 100% of attendance rate every month;
  • Paid annual leave and other national holidays;
  • Holiday welfares: gifts in Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-autumn Festival and Women’s Day;
  • Legal holiday allowance, birthday gifts (activities), and other allowance for wedding, birth and funeral;
  • Free working meal;
  • Social insurance and housing fund;
  • Clean and comfortable working environment;
  • Offer dormitory for employees from remote places;
  • We offer complete salary and promotion system, and promise 13 months’ salary and also release the bonus according to the company profits and personal performance;
  • Providing employee activities and sports sites. Hold competitions of basketball, badminton and table tennis periodically, and also team dinner party and other team building activities etc..

Development of employees

“Talents are the most valuable assets of the enterprise”. JYFLEX cultivates talents positively through providing training opportunities and various promoting channels for staffs. Employees can enjoy their work, show their value and strive to create outstanding performance feedback to company, making a win-win prospect for each other.

“Continuous Learning” is the footstone for the development strategy of JYFLEX Employees. The company offers employees a range of general classes, professional and management training courses and includes on-the-job training, mentorship, job rotation, job counseling, on-site learning, online learning, training opportunities, seminars, lectures and other learning resources.

JYFLEX actively offers internal promotion, initiates career development for their employees, encourages internal rotation and learning, and enables employees to work at other departments if they are interested in creating multiple values.

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