Flexible Display


The flexible display with light, thin, unbreakable and flexible properties not only offers the human with mobilization and personalization but also greatly changes the lifestyle in the near future. The paper-like flexible display will replace the paper-printing technologies then make the convenience and cost-effective product; Paper-like flexible display can be applied for books, tags, posters and bulletin boards. The high-end dynamic flexible display is the fantastic media for mobility and personalization to replace the rigid consumer products we used now for the portable devices.

As for current flexible display technology development, the product can be roughly divided into monochrome, colors, static, dynamic and high-end dynamic types based on the complexity of display images. There are two mainstreams classified according to the applications. The first is the paper-like display such as flexible e-paper display. The content can be refreshed by the external voltage driving. When there is no power, the image is kept on the display, namely with the bi-stable function. The second is flexible organic light emitting diode (OLED) display, in case of mainly emphasizing on display of instantaneous dynamic contents and high quality images. It will be used to replace PDA, mobile and TV that requests the demands with high quality images and high refresh rate.

JYFLEX responses to market trends, developing applications of flexible e-paper display module. Our products have characteristics with light, thin, unbreakable, low power consumption, wide application, and the competitive price. Future development will focus on high gloss, high efficiency, speed of reaction and color flexible display. We will take this as the base, combined with the concept of Internet of things, extending flexible display applications: “all things are available online, everything can pass the information”.

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