We will take OTFT Core Technology & flexible display as the base, combined with the concept of Internet of things, extending flexible display applications: “all things are available online, everything can pass the information”.


OTFT Core Technology

JYFLEX has developed in OTFT technologies for many years and developed the new high efficient roll-to-roll printing process based on below advantages: …


Flexible Display

JYFLEX responses to market trends, developing applications of flexible e-paper display module. Our products have characteristics with light, thin, unbreakable, low power consumption, wide application, and the competitive price. Future development will focus on high gloss, high efficiency, speed of reaction and color flexible display…

What We Offer?

Segment Display Module Service

Flexible Backplane
Driver IC Integration
Epaper Lamination

Inlay Manufacture Service

Display Module
Flexible Circuit Board

AM Display Solution

Flexible Active Matrix Backplane
Inlay Manufacture Service
OEM/ODM Service


The OTFT display has various applications,
such as eBook, smart display card,
electronic shelf label (ESL), RFID tag,
wearable device, mobile and so on.
The JYFLEX OTFT displays are ultra-thin,
light, and embedded to implement everywhere.
We are the tentacles of the IoT.

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