The innovative product and applications

The glass, the traditional display screen substrate, is the limitation of the innovative design and applications, such as thickness, weight, frangibility and inflexibility. JYFLEX focuses on the research and development of the next generation flexible electronic and OTFT technologies. We integrate the flexible substrates and the display materials to implement the roll-to-roll processing and manufacturing. JYFLEX has a major breakthrough and at the cutting edge of the flexible display which is lighter, thinner, robust, flexible, and capable to the innovative product and applications.

The flexible display, integrated with the OTFT backplane and e-paper, has the bi-stable technology that holds the image and information without any power, and the display consumes powers only in the images refreshed. It means the flexible OTFT e-paper display is ultra-low power consumption. The flexible OTFT e-paper display is also a reflective display, lightening by the ambient light. It is a comfortable reader. The readers have the same reading experience on paper and never feel tired for long time usage. Moreover, the flexible OTFT e-paper display can also readable outdoor under the Sun light.

The features of JYFLEX flexible OTFT display modules

The OTFT display has various applications, such as eBook,
smart display card, electronic shelf label (ESL), RFID tag, wearable device, mobile and so on.
The JYFLEX OTFT displays are ultra thin, light, and embedded to implement everywhere.
We are the tentacles of the IoT.


Ultra thin & light

Rugged & durable

Ultra-low power consumption

High resolution

Super wide viewing angle



Excellent reading experience like paper

JYFLEX active matrix display module offers high contrast ratio and supports flexible applications. It displays fonts and images as clear as laser printed page and is a reflective display and clear to see even under the sun light as well. Active matrix display brings back the excellent reading experience like paper.


Smart Display Card

Beyond the limitation of space and power consumption

JYFLEX flexible display module is thin, light, ultra-low power consumption, and durable. It can be perfectly embedded into the smart card which thickness is 0.84mm and the smart display card meets the bending stiffness requirements of ISO 7810.



Keep the pricing always competitive

JYFLEX segment and active matrix display modules can replace the traditional paper price label in the retail industry. It is convenient for the retailers to manage the product price accurately and timely through central control system. The retailers are able to keep the pricing strategy always in advance and avoid printing and changing the paper price labels frequently for promotion.



Ultra-thin, light, and power-saving human-machine interface

Inlay Manufacturing: JYFLEX provides one-stop service for customers with a time-based one-time-password (OTP) functional inlay which integrates the process and assembly of a segmented flexible display, ultra-thin battery, low power consumption processor, and high precision crystal oscillator. The functional inlay can be perfectly embedded into a smart card whose thickness is less than or equal to 0.84 mm, which meets the bending stiffness requirements of ISO 7810 standard. In addition, the functional inlay supports secure hash algorithms and has a long life time up to 3-5 years without charging. This functional inlay is applicable to financial security products such as OTP/DCVV display cards.

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